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The Descent, 2015, Excerpt Seven-channel Video Installation. Full length: 13"05'

Video is 720p HD. If pixelated, watch here on Youtube.
Sound Composer: Ack Kinmonth

Exhibition text:
The Descent (2015) features the artists and their five friends recounting a harrowing experience they all shared whilst hiking Queensland’s Mt. Barney. Filmed in the documentary ‘talking head’ format, each friend occupies their own screen in the seven-channel video installation, only coming alive to interject their version of events to the long-winded tale. The work exploits the factual credibility that is implicitly associated with the documentary style, whilst employing affective cinematic techniques to enhance the drama. Despite all experiencing different realities of the situation, the artists selectively combine the narratives to create a singular truth, cementing it in history.
Installed as part of The Jeremy Hynes Award at The Institute of Modern Art, 2015.