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Heroics and Mateship, live performance at Performance Now, 2014
Duration: One hour
Commissioned by QUT Art Museum

Exhibition text:
For Heroics and Mateship (2014), the artists re-enacted an unbelievable real-life encounter they’d shared whilst on a hiking trip, in which Nicole arguably saved Sarah’s life. Positioning themselves on a 45 degree-angled faux rock structure in the gallery, the artists attempted to simulate, re-live and extend the exact moment that Nicole caught Sarah by the ankle and stopped her from sliding face-first down a cliff face. Hanging precariously in this position for one hour, the duo physically and mentally exerted themselves, enduring sweat, tears, and sore limbs, as they attempted to re-live the once-brief traumatic moment earnestly. By presenting this personal and emotional experience, the duo aim to better understand the moment themselves and celebrate this display of heroic effort, female strength and companionship.